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Publisher's Letter
Northern Nevada Family
Earn some, save some, spend some. The first two tasks can be tough, but the third one is easy, especially around the holidays. The key is to not spend too much!

This issue contains numerous articles on family finance, because as we head into the new year, we have to start thinking about budgets, resolutions and how to pay off those holiday bills. Teaching your children about money is a great resolution, too. (See Web Sites to Boost Financial Know-How on the Family Ideas Page.) It's never too early to teach them about the value of money and how to save. They see mom and dad using checks, credit cards and debit cards, so the concept of where money comes from can be confusing. We've all had this conversation:
My son: "Mom, could you buy me this?"
Me: "No, son, I donít have enough money."
My son: "Well, just use your credit card!"

Winter in northern Nevada always means fun in the snow for my family. Several years ago my husband and I won tickets to the Kingvale Tubing and Sledding Center in Truckee. We spent two hours of pure fun on inner tubes, and later felt pure exhaustion. Read Safe and Sane Sledding (Family Ideas Page) for tips on sledding safety and places to go. Before you head out on the road, prepare yourself and your car by reading Winter Travel Safety and Put Together a First Aid Kit (Family Ideas Page).

Also, be sure to read Surviving the Cold and Flu Season (Family Ideas Page). With three boys in school, I always dread the cold season. But now that my boys have had their flu and pneumonia shots, I'm hopeful that we'll have a healthy winter.

Darcy Otranto
Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!!