Do You Know Importance Of Your Carrier Coils?

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When the yearly maintenance time of air conditioner is around, then just don’t forget to primarily focus on the system components which cannot be seen and are hidden in the air handler or system cabinet. The evaporator coils of units are one of the most significant of the hidden components. When the carrier coils get dirty, the efficiency of the air conditioner gets affected. This will further impact its performance adversely. When the performance will lessen, the breakdowns and damages will also occur.

Evaporator coils are responsible for capturing the heat from air and releasing it to outside unit of AC through the condenser coil releasing the captured heat. Usually, they are made up of copper. Aluminium foil surrounds it. Indoor handling unit has evaporator coils and outdoor cabinet is condenser coils. Evaporator could are essential for keeping the rooms and offices cool when temperatures has risen outside.

When your air conditioners gives dehumidification then evaporator coils get involved in it. Water starts to condense on then when the coils get cooler. It is then, removed from air present in your houses. The water get collected in the drain pan from where it flows out.         

With a dirty evaporator coil, two functions in their performances will reduce significantly. Other particles, dust and pollen are contained in the air. Due to the dehumidification, coils are damp and the particles easily stuck on them. Evaporator could get hold of materials quickly because of the dirty air filters. Even in shorter time, much materials can get attracted on it that impacts its performance. Problems that are listed below are result of dirty carrier coils:

Reduction in heat transfer.

Cooling capacity reduces.

Energy consumption increases.

Temperatures and operating pressures can increase.

Systems wear out easily that lead to the damage of components, reduction in life expectancy and system malfunction as well as ice builds up on the coils.

Generally, the air conditioners which have dirty coils utilizes energy consumption of more than 40% in comparison to the cleaner ones. Cooling will also be reduced by 30%. All these factors will result in increase in utility bills, though the performance and efficiency of the air conditioners will drastically reduce.