Got To Print? Find The Right Service!

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Amongst the most valuable partners companies tend to have are printing companies. This is because printing has become an inevitable chore associated with almost any company – no matter what they specialize in – and most companies tend to avoid in-house printing for marketing-related and other projects. Not to add, companies tend to stick with a single printer for all their projects, hence why finding a good service is imperative. Here are some tips to find a good booklet printing company for your projects: 

Their punctuality – printing is almost always the last stage of any project, which means that on it depends weeks-long or even months-long efforts of the whole team or company. And if you cannot get the final stage to be on time, what was the point of struggling until the very end? The number one criteria you want for your printing services Melbourne is punctuality: they should be able to fulfil their task by the expected deadline. Bonus points should be given to companies that are willing to also accept delayed deadlines on your end without hassle.

  • Their quality – nowadays, most printing companies can provide you with very high-quality work, which is why this is the second point here. Nonetheless, this does not mean that quality is unimportant – on the contrary, you want to prioritize this point as well. Whether it is booklet printing or simple banner printing, you want the best quality for your end products. To have an idea of how the printing company handles their projects, ask for samples: you want to look at the bleed, the guillotining, the colour reproduction, the colour and text alignment as well as for any other issues.
    • Their quotations – prices are also an obvious criterion for selecting a printing company. Different companies have different standards by which they calculate their prices; accordingly, when it comes to price quotations, you will most probably need to ask around from a few companies to get an idea of what should be charged for a project. See whether the printing company provides discounts on bulk projects, and whether there are any added services for the costs provided: for example, how would they handle an urgent service? Would they provide you with a reasonable extra charge on top of the normal price, or will they overcharge?
      • Their professionalism – another point that you should look for when hiring a printing company (or just about any other partner you will work with) is their level of professionalism. The company should be comfortable to tell you about any potential issues they might run into when printing, and be willing to provide you with alternatives. Basically, both ends (that is you or your company, and the printing company) want to be able to communicate honestly with each other, but remain courteous at all times.